How to know when you are ready for Total Knee Replacement surgery?

Total Knee Replacement surgery is an elective procedure. Along with your doctor, you will decide when the time is right for this surgery. Your doctor has more than likely treated your condition with pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs or perhaps even minor surgery. But now the pain has become severe. Even staying off your feet doesn’t help. You cannot sleep at night because of the discomfort. You are probably the best judge of when you will finally need total knee replacement surgery. When the pain becomes so chronic that even medication does not seem to help you are probably ready to consider surgery.

Getting Into Shape Mentally and Physically.

Take the four essential steps that will help you get into shape before knee replacement surgery:

  • Commit to the Success of your surgery: Working as a team, you, your physician and your family must adopt a positive attitude towards the success of your surgery. Together, you will gain a clear understanding of the common goals and expectations of the procedure.
  • Lose excess weight: Because excess weight cause strain to be placed on already-damaged joints, losing weight is one of the best ways to improve the condition of your knee and optimize surgical results. Remember to seek your doctor’s advice before beginning your weight loss program.
  • Start a physician approved, low-impact exercise plan. After a comprehensive assessment of your condition, your physician or physical therapist may recommend a low-impact exercise plan that will strengthen your knee without creating further damage. Do not attempt an exercise program without consulting your physician!
  • Stop Smoking if you have not already done so, it is suggested that you stop smoking, this will be good for you during and after your surgery.