The Heart of our center is our Operation Theatre. Why we call ‘Center for Joints Replacement Surgery’ as the “Centre of Excellence”

Salient Features of Our Operation Theater:

  • Third Generation Ci System from DePuy & Brain lab (For Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery).
  • Custom built vertical Laminar Air Flow (Air Handling Unit) with Imported German HEPA filters.
  • Scientifically constructed to give 150 feet per minute air velocity with Vertical lamilarity and without air turbulence in the operation theatre. Allows 75 air exchanges per hour in Operation Theater.
  • An internal positive pressure within the operation theater above atmospheric pressure to prevent external air contamination.
  • Total Body Exhaust suits Space Suits (Depuy, USA) used by all surgical team to prevent infection in all operations of Joint Replacement Surgery.
  • MicroAire pulse lavage system (U.S.A.) For intra-op cleansing of tissues better cement fixation and to reduce the infection rate. The imported patient monitoring system (Hewlett Packard, U.S.A.) Inclusive of NIBP, Pulse oximeter, Cardiogram monitor and defibrillator.
  • Independently mounted two operation theater lights for clear illumination, Electronically operated operation table with remote control for patient positioning, Battery operated and pneumatic Drill - Saw - Reamer units (Stryker, USA., A.O. Switzerland, RODOL, Switzerland)
  • Advances Image Intensifier (IITV) with German Technology.
  • Specially prepared polyurethane scratchless operation theatre floor and wall paint which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static.
  • Imported Fumigation machine (Cyclone, Dyna-Fog Ltd., U.S.A) which creates 20-micron particle fog of fumigant solution for through and extremely effective fumigation of the operation theater.
  • Ultrasonic Instrument cleaning machine to clean operation instruments before surgery.
  • Regular Bacteriological Control for asepsis of operation theater, air particle count, autoclave efficiency testing, water culture for pathogens by an Independent External agency to ensure operation theater cleanliness.

Facilities in the ward:

  • Intermittent compression calf pump machine. This avoids blood clotting in calf after surgery (Thrambo-Embolism Prevention Device).
  • Continuous Passive Mobilization (CPM) machine to mobilize arthroplasty patient post-surgery.
  • Portable X-Ray Machine to take bedsides X-Rays.
  • In-house Physiotherapist to mobilize patient in an optimum way.
  • Round the clock well-trained staff (nurses, ward boys, aaya bais) in addition to round, the clock availability of M.S Qualified Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon.

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Air Humidifier & Positive Pressure


Automatic High Speed Autoclave


Laminar Air Handling Unit


Automated Water Delivery System