• Ambulatory:
    Mobile, Walking
  • Arthroplasty:
    The surgical replacement of your knee joint with an artificial one.
  • Cartilage:
    A layer of soft tissue that helps joints absorbs stress
  • CPM:
    Continuous passive motion machine that helps your knee attain the range of motion right after surgery
  • Emboli (Pulmonary Embolism):
    The plugging of pulmonary arteries with fragments of a blood clot after surgery.
  • IV LINE:
    A tiny catheter inserted into your arm or neck to administer fluids or medications during, and one or two days after, surgery.
  • Osteoarthritis:
    Degenerative disease of the joints in which the cartilage begins to wear away.
  • Prosthesis:
    The artificial joint; also referred to as the implant.
  • Transfer:
    A physical therapy term for getting up from your bed and moving yourself to a chair, or vice versa.