Knee Replacement Surgery - Introduction

The knee joint is among the strongest, largest and most complex joints of the body. Whenever you walk, sit, squat, turn around, drive or perform many other seemingly simple movements, you are depending on the knee for support and mobility. When your knee is healthy, you may take it for granted, not giving a thought about the job it does for you. But once it starts to become painful, stiff, and you are forced to restrict certain activities, you may come to realize how much freedom of movement means to you.

Fortunately, today’s advanced medical technology makes it possible to replace the knee joint with an artificial one that reduces pain, allows you to strengthen your legs, and improves your quality of life.

Knee replacement is a procedure commonly performed throughout the world, and one that offers an outstanding rate of success.

In this website, we have shown how your knee works, how arthritis causes your pain, and the knee replacement surgery you will have. We will also help you make preparations for the upcoming surgery and outline what you can expect every step of the way.